Saturday, November 6, 2010

The sweater never goes out of style

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Thirty one years ago, I crocheted a couple of sweaters while pregnant with my first child. I had learned to crochet as a child, but hated the fact that my grandmother had made me do a sampler instead of something cool, so I never used my skills to make anything. But suddenly I had a great need to cover my child in things I had made, so I sewed and crocheted for months. Kimonos, shirts, pants, sweaters and blankets flew out of my crochet hooks and sewing machine like water.

Sadly- a large baby born in June hasn't much need for sweaters, and he didn't get to wear them much. In fact, at all. But still, proud Mommy and proud fibercrafter, I put him in them, and took a picture. I even sent the picture to Crochet World Magazine. It was published in the summer of 1981.

My grandmother (She of the sampler incident) kept a copy of the magazine, folded open to this page, and with his name written under the picture, in the magazine rack in her guest bathroom until the day she died, so all visitors to the house could enjoy him.

Fast forward 30 years- this is the daughter of that cute baby, wearing the sweater.

And here she is wearing the other sweater. Sometimes I hate being a packrat and keeping too many things, other times I am glad for it!

By the way- this is another June baby, not nearly as large as her daddy was, and STILL the sweater is too small when the season is right! Someone is going to have to have a fall baby...

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  1. So cool - and they they held up amazingly well. The orange is absolutely vibrant! The green/yellow/white just may be made with the same yarn that my mother-in-law used on my 26 year old son's green/yellow/white baby blanket - which is currently packed away waiting on grandbabies. :)