Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Ruffley Butts!

Remember this post from back in the spring? I made a purple ruffle butt outfit for my then-unborn granddaughter. My sister Amanda requested that I make one for a friend of hers whose baby was due in mid-summer. Because I am the best of all possible older sisters*, I did so. I got a picture today of Miss Ruffle Butt herself- isn't she a doll? So tiny! In this one she looks worn out from carrying all those pansies around with her!

When I get a picture of my granddaughter wearing her pansy outfit I'll post it, too- but she is growing like a weed- hope she hasn't already outgrown it!

*I guess I can't really claim that "best of all possible older sisters" title, but I am in the top 4.

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