Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More bibs

These were gifts- the orange one to my friend D for her granddaughter, and the green to my friend B, for her daughter. These two and my granddaughter were all born the same year, and (almost) share a name- if they were a secret society, they could be called "The Triumvirate of E".

My son has been calling the bib I sent his daughter "Food Armour", and these two bibs have a Shrinky-Dink (tm) tag that says "Marvelous E's Food Armour". I love the idea of putting cupcakes on food armour!

The pink flowers and butterflies were purchased appliques, the cupcakes were cut from a piece of fabric. A desing addition- I added a pocket to the bottom- suggested by my son, who said that the bib kept his daughter clean but the floor was still pretty messy. His father told him that was why we always had dogs...


  1. Thank you again for this - I love it! The cupcakes are cute and all, but the flowers and butterflies are just perfect for my little E. Two of her favorite things :-)

    The only problem is that it's so cute, I hate the thought of getting it all messy!

  2. I'm glad you like it, and get it messy- I always want the things I make to be used!