Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sewing for babies

A year later-

I've been sewing for babies. We are expecting our second granddaughter in July, and I have been sewing (and knitting) like a mad woman.

First- shower gift. When they found out the baby would be a girl, my son and daughter-in-law asked for clothes with ruffles on the butt. They said they had been shopping, and ruffly butt items were very expensive. So I made this- the ultimate ruffle butt. Katie had sent me a picture of something similar, and I created as best I could. Made the onesie, sewed snap-tape on the butt. Dyed it purple, and then sewed pansies on the other side of the snap-tape.

Then I knitted a hat- from alpaca. It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, and I can't tell you how many times I knitted and then un-knitted because I just couldn't get the directions. It turned out lovely. You start by knitting the heart shape on the back, and then create the hat around the heart.
Another Elizabeth Zimmerman design was this ribwarmer. It was interesting- you knit down the front, then do short rows to turn the corner at the bottom. Put all the stiches on a stitch holder, and knit down the opposite side. Then knit up the back by gathering up the stitches from the holder. Sounds confusing, but really wasn't too bad. I am not sure I like the color blotching- this is a variegated Cream and Sugar-type cotton yarn. I think I should have left the crocheted trim off- too busy.

Katie took all these pictures, and she provided one of all items on a teddy bear- suppose my grand-daughter will be as pink and fuzzy?

But wait! There's more! Pictures to follow- I hate to post before I give them to the kids...

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  1. I love these - especially the hat and butt-ruffles. So, do the ruffles themselves remove for laundering?